We offers a complete range of data loggers to meet your exacting requirements.

As a major design development in the STARLOG and Flog range, the STARLOGGER has an expanded signal capacity and range, and easier programmability. The recent model include:

  • Fllog
STARLOG and Fllog systems are used throughout the world in various applications. Because of their low power consumption, they are particularly well suited for automatic data collection in remote locations and at unmanned sites. STARLOG and Fllog systems are:

• robust
• easy to use
• low maintenance
• versatile

The Data Logger is connected to measuring instruments and sensors for data gathering. A wide range of instruments is available from us for different applications.

The Data Logger is connected to a computer for data unloading. Computer interfaces for remote or direct access to loggers are available. With recent breakthroughs in telecommunications, STARLOG is able to take full advantage of Remote Telemetry systems and Cellular Telephones.